The People behind ITBHU Global Alumni Association

ITBHU Global Alumni Association (ITBHUGAA) has reached where it is today with determined efforts and patience of many alumni and students. The volunteers have been toiling continuously to ensure that the Alumni Network grows, reaches out to the entire community of IT BHU and its friends and brings people together to get things done.

ITBHU Global Alumni Association (ITBHUGAA) is registered as a non-profit organization in the state of New Jersey. Our mission is to unite all the alumni, students and faculty of ITBHU.

Each year all the batches nominate members to the Council of Representatives (CoR). The members of the council assist in the implementation of projects and the day to day functioning of the organisation. The council also elects the Board of Directors.

The organisation is overseen by a Board of Directors, entirely consisted of ITBHU alumni. They are responsible for the organization's policy decisions and with completion of undertaken projects.

A Group of Volunteers are in charge of maintaining the ITBHU Global Alumni Association's website and coordinationg various projects. It works on day to day operational activities. This team is open to any ITBHU alumni, student or faculty who are ready to dedicate a couple of hours a week for this purpose.

In ITBHUGAA's structure, geographical chapters play a vital role as the rallying points for alumni in the region who meet face to face regularly. The ITBHUGAA chapters have one or more chapter coordinators responsible for organizing local activities and to coordinate between alumni and the global organization.

For last couple of years the Alumni Association in conjunction with the Institute has organised Silver Jubliee Reunions for various batches. These activity starts from the alumni volunteers reaching out to the relevant batch, reviving connections that got lost and bringing people together in a grand Alumni Reunion every year. All the organization is tracked and manged by the Alumni Association using our Reunion section.