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Welcome to the Projects Section

The ITBHU Alumni Association brings together the alumni, the students and the faculty of ITBHU to come up with ideas for institute improvement projects and implement them collaboratively to accelerate ITBHU's growth as an institute of advanced learning.

This is where the community publishes these ideas and crystallizes them into viable, well defined projects, shares the status of live projects and success stories.

Each project currently being considered or is under implementation has been linked to relevant discussion forum entries. Please use the discussion forum to provide your inputs. In case a particular project is not linked then please point that out to the Administrator by sending an email at admin [AT] itbhuglobal [dot] org

Click on the 'Giving' button to make your contributions and learn more about the fund management team. You can make a donation online either via Paypal or Google Checkout. For the year 2013 we have a target of $250,000. Please contribute and help us reach the target.
The association works closly with the Institute to allocate the funds to various projects. Learn more about the current projects, scholarships and other alumni funded activities in the projects section
You may have questions about the projects, how to give, tax exempt status and much more. Read more about Frequently Asked Qustions by clicking on the FAQ button.